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The Generator is a community facility designed to offer groups and individuals a place to not only think,
learn and play, but also provide the tools and resources to foster entrepreneurship, as well as personal growth
and development. With a variety of tools, technology, and equipment, our goal is to create an environment
that promotes independence, encourages education, and supports the development of small businesses.


While partnering with local schools and community youth organizations, our youth entrepreneurial programs
use real business models to teach kids the fundamentals of starting, operating, and being successful at their
very own business. The programs consist of:


Business Planning / Raising Capital / Money Management / Productivity / Networking / Accountability /
Marketing / Community Service


Using one of our business models (including: videography, photography, screen printing, CNC tooling,
3D printing, Laser Engraving), or using their own ideas with the same or different technology, students
plan, implement, and run their very own business during the program period.
The program teaches personal and business finance, business development, and technical skills giving
them the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship. We Leverage the same business tools and
partnerships used in our adult programming to assist youth entrepreneurs with developing and operating
sustainable businesses.

Our basic business models include but are not limited to:

Photography & Videography – Students learn basic & advanced photography as well as videography skills needed to
create professional videos & photos. Classes include knowledge-based lessons and hands on training to develop
basic skills needed start a photography/videography business that caters to local businesses, schools, churches, and community organizations.

Screen printing & Design – Students Learn to design and print custom shirts for personal and commercial use.
They not only create unique apparel designs, but also acquire the skills to produce & market shirts & apparel
for community and school teams, church groups, civic groups, and more.

Product Design & Development (CNC Router, 3D Printers, Laser Engraver) – Using a combination of the tools in our maker space, we teach students to program and design. They are given the opportunity to think and create marketable products that can be used in developing an their business.